Japan ORIHIRO Odorless Garlic Maca Supplement 180 Tablets

Japan ORIHIRO Odorless Garlic Maca Supplement 180 Tablets

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Condensing the power of garlic to one grain! It is recommended for those who are worried about the lack of energy by combining Maca Vitamin B group.
1) High quality odorless garlic extract combination
Domestic odorless type garlic extract 300 mg formulation (in the day of the day)
2) Maca · vitamin B group of stamina materials is also blended Y, S ぢ,
3) It is a very advantageous 2 months.
4) It is a completely odorless sugar coating tablet.

This product has combined with maca and vitamin B groups with maca and vitamin B groups, with domestic odorless garlic extracts, and finished into completely odorless sugar coating type. As a supplement of those who are concerned about stamina shortages, please enjoy as a daily nutrition assistance.

raw materials
Reduced malt oil syrup, odorless garlic extract, maltose, maltodextrin, starch, maca extract, reduction starch / powder cellulose, VC, processed dust, shell Ca, niacin, sucrose ester, pantothenic acid Ca, Ve, v.b6, v .B2, V.B1, Cerach, VA, Caramel pigment, folic acid, V.B12, VD

Main component distribution amount / 3 products (1.65 g))
Domestic odorless garlic extract of 300 mg, 200 mg as a raw maca (10 mg of Macaekis)
V. A 300 μg, V.D 2.5 μg, V. B1 1.5 mg (125%), V. B2 1.5 mg (107%), V.B6 2.0 mg (154%), V.B12 2.0 μg (83%) 15 mg (115%), 200 μg of folate, 5.0 mg of pantothenic acid, VC 35 mg, VE 5.0 mg

How to Use
● Please enjoy 3 tablets daily with water or hot water.
● Please take a small amount of customers who use for the first time. ● Please observe the amount of intake of one day.